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Israel- God's Heart

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Meet the Authors

Ron Gafni

Kathleen Barrett

Reader Reviews

I really enjoyed this book! I would love to travel to Israel some day - to see where the Bible unfolded! I like what it says on the first page: "The land of historical sites linked to the most decisive events in the history of humankind." The pictures are stunning! It just amazes me to see pictures of Capernaum, Nazareth and the Jordan River. And I like the narrative that runs through the book. It just all comes together to beautifully show such an important part of our Christian faith. 


If you are like me, you have not had the chance to visit Israel. It has been a dream for a long time to go there and experience the rich history of this beautiful place. Thanks to the contributors of this book, I can see the beautiful landscapes and breathe in the words that flow so flawlessly across the pages. Each picture is a treasure to look at and explore God's creation.